Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

At 14 December, 2006 22:14, Jono said…

stood on a metal spike coming in today, looks like it went clean in and out, so hopefully no infections, so anyone surfing st clair, add that to your list of hazards, there are a whole lot of bits of metal sticking out of the sand, straight in front of the south stair set, attached to a massive bit of concrete so I couldn't pull it out

( shit mate.. hope your tetanus is up to date! .. funny eh, well not funny, but the other day.. the stroll along the 'beach' ... now the photos seem quite appropriate)

and also noted at the time.. the wear of the panels of the new sea wall.. wave action throwing the rocks around and acting as sandpaper .. so thats two months worth of wear..

just slipped another link in here to a post back in may about the rods sticking up dangerously at the bottom of those stairs.. same ones?? LINK