Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

With all the focus on the Tomahawk and Middle beach sand mining and recontouring resource consents recently, the DCC managed to sneak through and approve the mining and removal of up to 1500 cubic metres of sand from Kuri Beach per year.
The resource consent application was made by Blackhead Quarries, which was to continue extracting sand from Kuri Beach for the next ten years. 13 submissions were attracted, all opposing the application, but of course it was approved anyway.

Most of the submissions were concerned with the ongoing sustainability of taking sand from the beach. Funny though, that 'evidence' was provided by council staff to push consent approval indicating that sand replenishment on coastal otago beaches was a natural process. If thats the case, then why are they pushing for the extraction and replenishment of sand from Tomahawk for St Clair beach (an unnatural act) if they are so sure that sand replenishment is a natural cycle? or is the unnatural loss of sand at St clair due to the re-design of the sea wall... just as there is a need for replenishment at Middles, including major dune restoration, which in turn is due to reclamation of major tracts of land for Playing fields which were previously large areas of natural dune formations.
According to saddle Hill Community Board chairman Dave McPhee the beach has already lost 50m of beach and that the offshores sandbanks would not be maintained forever. I can surely agree with that, especially as over the last few decades there is scientifically recorded a markedly reduced amount of sand and silt flowing from the Clutha mouth due to the trapping of these materials behind the hydro dams on the Clutha River.

This resource consent was granted on the 5th of december 2006, and the appeal period closed on January the 19th. no appeals were received.