Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

I thought and wondered alot over the weekend why people are not honest about their intentions and actions, why there is always dishonesty where money is concerned, and over the potential of loosing face. I also have to include myself here.
I find myself not writing on my blog what I REALLY think about many things, including for example the 'political' aspect of the current sand dune process. For me my dishonesty is not so much about money interests, its about loosing or gaining credibility/face, trying to stay neutral and reach for an understanding of both sides of everything. But in doing this I feel I am resisting a gut urge, the one that wants to cry out and say, 'hey this just isn't right'.
I spent many years as a monk, and one of my novitiate vows was asteya, or 'non stealing' .. which boils down to allowing all expressions to move through me without interpretation or interaction from my mind of right or wrong, good or bad.. if something was to be said.. say it/do it and let be, the is no 'me' to take blame or be punished and nobody to hurt. I can only be harmed by how my mind judges my personality, and interprets my actions against those of others actions and reactions. So now I find myself becoming absorbed and concerned with the dune erosion issue.. my 'soul' wants to act in many ways, but my mind restricts any upwelling to act with thoughts of doing wrong, and offending people. What a poor me egotistical outlook :0) Now I have had my jolt back to reality this weekend, I can expend some energy on enjoying my life and acting without repression. Everyone has a part to play in any drama, each and every one is wholly justified in their actions and intents, filling in a part of the divine play.
Life is bigger than the sandpit.

Clipping below from the ODT friday with a response from Mick Reece about the current situation, and short term action on the beach erosion issue.

Below a wider look at the 'works' so far.


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