Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

Above and below.. the 'Emergency Outfall' for the Green Island sewerage treatment plant.
Looks like the sand has been recently removed from in front of the outfall area which discharges straight on to the beach.

The Green Island Sewerage treatment plant was up-graded to secondary treatment with UV disinfection and the marine outfall was extended out in the year 2000 to 850m offshore at Waldronville. This emergency outfall pipe still appears to operate.
As this is a restricted coastal activity a resource consent permit is required to discharge up to 103680 m3/day of treated effluent to the Pacific Ocean. This is via the newer 850m Waldronville sewerage outfall pipe.
Below the Dunedin Gun Club and the Dunedin Pistol Club operate on the reserve area at Waldronville, Here a Permit for sand mining is in operation, the scar is easily visible at the back of the firing range.

Also ( left below) there is another site for sand mining a short walk to the right of the range behind the pistol firing range. (right below) the above pit from another angle.

Below, nice to see a planting programme taking place in the dunes beyond the gun club.