Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

Ocean Beach Feedback Form - please provide details
Submissions close at noon on 29 February 2008
  • This is not a submission on a resource consent application.
  • The purpose is to get feedback on the proposed data collection.
  • Your Name and Address Fields are required and must be provided.

    (( words in brackets are intended as a guide ))


    We/I agree disagree (please choose)
    with the proposed data collection for the following reasons:

    ( the data collection referred to here is listed in this link. I feel its hard to choose either agree or disagree here as there are many differing options. Many studies have been conducted in the past, but no ultimate 'all encompassing' comprehensive studies. Despite the fact that an ultimate study of the Ocean Beach area has been requested repeatedy since 1908. )

    We/I would like the following data to be collected:
    ( here is where you suggest further data that in your opinion needs to be collected to guarantee an all encompassing/comprehensive study which will enable a sucessful anaylysis of erosion management options. Not many of us are qualified geomorpholigists/coastal engineers, so good luck.)

    We/I suggest the following could assist the Council:
    (please include name, area of expertise and contact details)
    (here you suggest any other information you may have from observation or experience of the Sea and Wave action in a historical perspective. AND also suggest any alternative erosion management options. Personally I support Holmberg Technologies and their undercurrent stabilisers as an option for investigation by the council) .

    We/I value the following about the Ocean Beach area:

    (basically here add what you value, eg: wide sandy beach, natural dune system, walkways public access, the quality of the surf waves and any values assets you appreciate about the area)

    Any additional comments:
    (any other issues you wish to bring up eg: fears, legislation, cost, global warming etc)

    We/I would like would not like (please choose)
    the opportunity to speak verbally to the Panel considering this information.
    (hearings will be held through March 2008, don't be shy)

    The Panel can can not (please choose)
    contact me if it has any questions in relation to this feedback form.
    (your choice)


    Points to consider:
    1. funding has already been approved in January for the proposed data collection.. this is around $300,000 ..
    2. Under the Resource management Act the Councils have guidelines as to what is required for public access and amenity value for the reserve area. Also in the NZ Coastal Policy Statement.