Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

I haven't reported much recently on the erosion management saga at Ocean Beach. Pretty much after the last public consultation rounds in April I realised there is nothing a single member of the public can do to make a difference to any outcome.
This was verified a few weeks back after I received the Emergency Response Teams minutes of their meeting over the public submissions made.
The deliberations recorded that the following be investigated and implemented:
* St Clair Sea Wall - information on the consent process, in particular why an offshore reef was rejected.
* Monitoring and analysis on the failure of the ramps and stairs.
* The formation of John Wilson memorial Drive.
* Items for funding
* Ongoing communication and work with the community, including the formation of a group of 'Key Stakeholders'
And that the information and Data gathering process outlined in the 13th November 2007 report from the Parks and Reserves team leader be confirmed and approved. View here pg 8
(Note, nothing new, nothing less)

What got my goat was; attached to the above meeting minutes was a short council written summary of some of the public submitters from April. In these what some said was twisted, misquoted and dotted with inaccuracies.
This affirmed that these submitters were not properly listened to or understood, which is both a disappointment and a negligent act of disrespect.

10th June 2008 Community Planning Committee meeting on Ocean Beach Public Feedback

Above & below: 10th of July, more sand replenishment, see article above, another $40,000 worth.

Below, some images from the 18th Of June 2008

Below: 5th Of February this year