Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

The high beach profile (the level of sand) on Ocean Beach for the first half of the year has proved invaluable in recent weeks. While there was some sand loss in the early part of winter, a good deal of the very healthy reserves of sand remained until recently. Much of it was stripped away by the strong winds and high tides experienced during July. With the removal of that sand buffer, a section of the rubble wall has been uncovered and there has also been damage to the Reno mattresses that provided protection to the toe of the dune at Middle Beach. The Reno mattresses are being repaired, the rubble wall reinstated, and sand levels at Middle Beach are being topped up on an 'as required' basis.

That maintenance regime will be continued while the information gathering process draws to a close. A Project Team has been appointed to study the information that is being collated for the Long Term Management Plan, and the program for completing the studies and preparing the Plan remains on track.


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