Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

Update: November 2010

Continuing benign weather conditions have ensured that beach profile (sand levels) on the Ocean Beach continues to be high.

The major event during the month was, however, identification of contaminants in the dunes immediately adjacent to Kettle Park. Specifically, industrial material buried under the Kettle Park playing fields, from an old landfill site, had been exposed on the seaward dune These findings were identified by studies into the dunes that had been commissioned by the Council.

Surf clubs and relevant authorities have been advised, and warning signs have been placed at all beach access points.

A more detailed investigation of the contamination at Kettle Park is planned, with results from new tests expected before Christmas. It should also be noted that the studies showed that the clay cap and sand covering the construction material and industrial waste under the playing fields is effective and there are no health issues with the fields themselves. Further information will be placed on this site when the results of the tests become available.