Save Ocean Beach

The natural and physical resources of Ocean beach and its adjacent City Dunedin are under threat and you can help!

Weather patterns have been favourable recently with no low pressure events occurring during high tides. The minor depletion of sand previously noted at the beach end of the St Clair seawall has recovered completely. The regular beach access points are structurally sound. However, warning signs relating to the contamination of the dune area around the old landfill site at Kettle Park remain in place and with the area fenced off. Further testing is being carried out to determine the extent of contamination.

The Project Team has been working with specialist risk advisors to complete a risk assessment of Ocean Beach, and will continue to work with them to develop and evaluate options to mitigate the risks identified. Once this evaluation is completed, a report will be prepared by the Project Team outlining recommended future treatment options for Ocean Beach for the Council's consideration.